Turning Up the Marketing "Spigot"

The Story - Portable Sink Depot is a manufacturer & retailer of self-contained portable sink units. That means their products provide a fresh water source without the need for costly plumbing. Portable Sink Depot covers a wide range of portable sink needs, spanning from shampoo sinks for in-home salons to larger applications such as schools and concerts.

The Challenge - Portable Sink Depot's mantra is to offer the "Best Priced Portable Sinks Anywhere!" It was our job to leverage this winning philosophy into online sales. They had started out with a traditional search campaign but soon grew out of it. We needed to drive more revenue and dial in Analytics in order to run a data-driven eCommerce campaign to maximize their budget. As an agency specializing in SMB marketing, we knew we needed to manage our client's campaign without letting any unnecessary ad spend go "down the drain."

The NETT Solution - It was time to get to work. Before cranking on the marketing "spigot" full-blast, we made some additional adjustments such as redesigning their remarketing ads to test different designs and conducting in-depth negative keyword research. Small adjustments like this often lead to immediate, incremental results, so this was a good place to start.

One of the most impactful elements we added was a Google Smart Shopping campaign. Gaining momentum in a Smart Shopping campaign is challenging on a tight budget as it inherently requires significant sales momentum in order to optimize properly. We were able to make this happen and get the campaign running as smoothly as their faucets.

The NETT Results

Let these quarter over quarter results "sink" in for a minute. The fresh ad designs led to an immediate lift in assisted conversions. The overall blended campaign using Search, Display and Google Shopping led to a 215% increase in conversions, a 17% decrease in CPC, and a 66% improvement in CPA (CAC). The best part? These results were achieved with a 37% decrease in spend!

Here's a more detailed breakdown by Campaign Type:

Google Search Campaign


Search - Conversions


Search - Clicks


Search - Impressions

Ad Spend

Search - Spend

Google Shopping Campaign


Shopping - Conversions


Shopping - Clicks


Shopping - Impressions

Ad Spend

Shopping - Spend

NETT Highlights

Cost Per Click Decreased

Cost Per Acquisition Decreased


Conversions Increased

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